Associate Researchers

Aldo Patricio Delgado Hidalgo

Full professor at Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Chile, and director of the Millennium Institute for Research in Optics (MIRO).

Aldo holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a master’s degree in science with a specialization in Physics, both degrees awarded by Universidad de Concepción, Chile. He completed his doctorate in Natural Sciences at Ulm University, Germany.

The focus of his work is on quantum information theory and quantum mechanics. He is currently interested in quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum estimation theory, and tests of general relativity in quantum systems.

Marcel Clerc Gavilán

Full professor in the Department of Physics of Universidad de Chile (UCh) and alternate director of the Millennium Institute for Research in Optics (MIRO).

Marcel holds a doctorate in Physics from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sciences with a specialization in Physics, both awarded by Universidad de Chile. He also held a postdoctoral appointment at the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), USA.

His research is based on nonlinear optics, fluid dynamics, the stochastic process, the magnetic system, bifurcation theory, and dynamical systems.

His scientific achievements include authoring a total of 175 published works and his participation in recent studies such as non-reciprocal coupling induced by localized non-assembled structures and weak signal enhancement through nonlinear resonance control in a non-forced nanoelectromechanical resonator.

Gustavo Lima Moreira

Full professor at Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Chile, and member of faculty of the master and doctoral programs of the Department of Physics of UdeC. 

Gustavo holds undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees in Sciences from the Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

His research has been devoted to the field of secure quantum communication, with a focus on higher-dimensional quantum systems.

Birger Seifert

Associate professor and researcher at UC Chile.

Birger is an experimental physicist and holds a doctorate in Natural Sciences from Rostock University, Germany. Since 1988, he has been working in optics laboratories both in Germany and Chile. He currently works in the Optics Laboratory of the Physics Institute of UC Chile.

He is an expert in ultrashort pulse optics, ultrashort pulse characterization, compressed light generation, laser ablation, metrology, and terahertz radiation. In addition, his line of research involves quantum optics, nonlinear optics, and femtosecond optics.

Due to COVID-19 and the inability to use university laboratories for teaching in-person classes, he was awarded a fund by the Academic Vice-Chancellor Office of UC Chile to support digital innovation and enable learning with the purpose of conducting seventeen new home-based experiments.

Felipe Andrés Herrera Urbina

Assistant professor at Universidad de Santiago (USACH), Chile.

Felipe is a licensed chemist by Universidad de Chile and holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

His research focuses on innovative projects at the interface of chemical physics, quantum optics, and quantum information.

Research group website:

Carla Hermann

Assistant professor in the Department of Physics (DFI in Spanish) of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM in Spanish) of Universidad de Chile.

Carla holds a doctorate in Experimental Quantum Optics from Faculté des Sciences de Sorbonne Université, France, and completed a theoretical doctorate in Physical Sciences at Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Chile.

She is currently part of the Optics Group at Universidad de Chile, leading the area of quantum optics. She was the first Chilean scientist in the category of postdoctoral women scientists and in the field of optics to be awarded the L’Oreal for Women in Science grant (2017).

Carla’s area of expertise is both experimental and theoretical quantum optics. Recently, her research has been focused on the study of quantum metrology using compressed light, as well as quantum state engineering.

Rodrigo Vicencio Poblete

Associate professor in the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of Universidad de Chile (UCh).

Rodrigo holds a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in Science with a specialization in Physics, both awarded by the University of Chile. He was also a visiting scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany. His research is based on the study of wave propagation, photonic lattices, and discrete nonlinear systems.

Dr. Vicencio was awarded a scholarship by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT in Spanish), Chile.

Dinesh Pratap Singh

Professor in the Department of Physics of Universidad de Santiago (USACH), Chile.

He received his doctoral degree in Physics (2007) from the Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India, with his thesis work entitled “Synthesis and Characterization of Some Nanomaterials: Oxides, Carbides, Metals, and Semiconductors”. He then completed postdoctoral studies in the Department of Physics of Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), Illinois, USA (2009).

His lines of research include synthesis and characterization of several nanomaterials for applications in optics and energy; synthesis of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for nonlinear optical applications and as a new light source; synthesis of graphene, graphene derivatives, and their compounds for solar energy conversion and storage applications; and dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) and supercapacitors.

Jaime Anguita García

Full professor of Electrical Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Universidad de Los Andes (UAndes), Chile.

Jaime is a licensed engineer in Civil Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Electricity from UC Chile. He has a master's degree and a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona, USA.

His lines of research are focused on telecommunications, optical communication systems, fiber optics, terrestrial and spatial laser propagation, optical vortices, and digital signal processing.

Stephen Walborn

Associate professor in the Department of Physics of Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Chile.

Stephen received his bachelor's degree in Physics from Reed College, Oregon, the USA, and his master’s and doctorate degrees in Physics from Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil.  He was a faculty member at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 2007-2019 and joined the UdeC faculty in 2019. He was a young affiliate of the World Academy of Science (TWAS) (2009-2014) and the Brazilian Academy of Science (2014-2019).  He has authored 120+ scientific papers.

His lines of research are based in optics, quantum optics and quantum information, with a focus on quantum correlations and entanglement.