We are MIRO, the Millennium Institute for Research in Optics, funded by the Millennium Initiative program of the National Research and Development Agency (ANID in Spanish) of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Chile.
We are headquartered at the Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Santiago, Universidad de Los Andes, and UC Chile.


We conduct scientific research of excellence associated with light phenomena, optical communication,
and quantum information.

Quantum Light

We are devoted to the theoretical and experimental study of quantum optics and its role in realizing quantum information protocols and fundamental characteristics of quantum physics.

Optical communications

We study the scientific and applied aspects of FSO communications by means of systems based on orbital angular momentum and adaptive optics.

Novel light sources

We study the design, synthesis, and optical characterization of nonlinear organic crystals for applications to second-order nonlinear optics.

Photonic lattices and Pattern formation

We conduct scientific research related to the phenomenon of programmable vortex arrays in liquid crystals.

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What are our research topics? Where and in what area are we working today? In 1 minute you can know the answers to these questions. (Spanish content)

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